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  • Unlock Everything - Top Gear Pocket 2 (U) (GBC)

    Unlock All Tracks & Cars
    At the Title Screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, Right, Left, A+B, Select. A sound effect will confirm proper entry.

    Game Genie codes:
    All Tracks Unlocked

    All Cars Unlocked


    Toy Story Racer (U) (GBC)

    Stage Skip Password
    From the Main Menu, choose Restore and enter:
    Shooting Star, Shooting Star, Shooting Star, Flower, Flower, Flower.
    Confirm the password with the Start button and you'll see the words Cheat Activated flash.
    Pause the game and press Select to skip to the next level.

    Game Genie code:
    Stage Skip
    Note: The code must be enabled before booting the game. Pause the game and press Select to skip to the next level.
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    • Cheats - Uchuu Nin Tanaka Tarou de RPG Tsukuru GB2 (J) (GBC)

      Cheats - Uchuu Nin Tanaka Tarou de RPG Tsukuru GB2 (J) (GBC)

      The following two codes are to be entered on the Main Menu, directly after the Title Screen. You will hear a confirmation sound if entered correctly.

      Not 100% sure what they do, but have noticed that a new box will show after clicking on the top right icon in the Main Menu.

      Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Select, Start.

      Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left, Left, Start, Select.

      Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Select, Start.

      The third code maybe isn't used or it's entered in somewhere else.


      • Wacky Races (U) (GBC)

        Stage Skip
        Note: Press Select during gameplay to skip to end the race in your current position.

        View Ending
        Note: Code must be enabled before booting the game, after selecting a character the ending for that character will show. Change the FE to 00 to instead display a password.


        • Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (UE) (GBC)

          Skip Intros


          Wendy: Every Witch Way (UE) (GBC)

          Advance World
          Note: While highlighting Normal, press Up on the Main Menu to access Advance World.

          Shoot Three Projectiles From Wand


          • Woody Woodpecker Racing (U) (GBC)

            Skip Some Intros

            View Ending


            X-Men - Wolverine's Rage (U) (GBC)

            Stage Skip
            Note: Press Select during gameplay to complete the current level.

            Classic Suit


            Xtreme Sports (U) (GBC)

            Debug Menu

            Debug Menu


            Yars' Revenge (UE) (GBC)

            Level Select


            Debug Screens - Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Duel Stories (U) (GBC)

            Here’s a Game Genie code that can be used to access two hidden screens located under Password:

            Debug Screens

            First screen under Password:

            Second screen under Password: (Character Viewer)


            • Would have added this to the previous post, but that bug is happening again where the previously typed stuff is gone after clicking the edit button.

              Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Saikyou Kettousha Senki (J) (GBC)

              Debug Screens
              Note: The two new screens are accessible from the Main Menu.

              Sound Test

              Character Viewer

              This code works for all 3 games:
              Jounouchi Deck
              Kaiba Deck
              Yuugi Deck
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              • Unknown Cheat - Barcode Taisen Bardigun (J) (SGBC)

                Barcode Taisen Bardigun (J) (SGBC)

                Unknown Cheat
                At the Title Screen while Push Start is flashing, press Select, Select, A, A, B, B, Start.

                I'm not sure what the cheat does, besides set the following two RAM addresses to 0x01:

                These two GameShark codes would have the same effect of the push-button cheat:

                And this one Game Genie code would have the same effect as the two GameShark codes:
                Cheat Enabled


                • Hidden Credits - Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure (U) (SGBC)

                  Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure (U) (SGBC)

                  There are hidden credits in this game, come to find out, they're accessible from the Options Menu.

                  Access Credits (Options Menu)



                  • GIF files inside GBA games.

                    I used a text searching batch file to look at the GBA ROM set for a GIF header.
                    It found four results, so I then extracted all the .gif images with a hex editor.

                    Didn't find anything special, but it's still pretty cool that these 4 games had .gif images inside the ROM.
                    I might check another ROM set soon and see what I can find.

                    Here's all the images found if anyone would want to take a look:
                    The Land Before Time: Into the Mysterious Beyond

                    The Koala Brothers: Outback Adventures

                    Care Bears: Care Quest

                    Babar: To the Rescue

                    Didn't realize that last pic for Care Bears was a moving gif image, looks like I didn't extract enough data for it.
                    Here's what it should look like:
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                    • Only two games for the N64 had GIF images within the ROMs:
                      Fighter's Destiny (U)

                      Fighter Destiny 2 (U)

                      Game Boy Color GIF images:


                      • Debug Mode - A Bug's Life (U) (SGBC)

                        Debug Mode Password
                        Enter the password BB99 and ignore the ''Wrong Password'' prompt. During gameplay hold Select and the A button to refill your ammo up to 99. To place the character anywhere on the screen, hold Select and use the directional pad.

                        The following Game Genie code will enable the effects of both passwords BB99 and 99BB:

                        Debug Mode
                        Note: The code must be enabled before booting the game. Pause gameplay and press Select to skip to the next stage or pause gameplay and press A to skip to the next checkpoint. Select+A will refill your ammo up to 99 and Select+Dpad will cause the character to move anywhere on screen.
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                        • Chase H.Q.: Secret Police (U) (SGBC)

                          Skip Most Intros

                          Sound Test
                          Note: The Sound Test is located under Option on the Main Menu.


                          • Bassmasters 2000 (U) [N64]

                            My first N64 ROM code, wanted to test out the ability of patching codes into the game.

                            Bassmasters 2000 (U) [N64]
                            Cheats Menu Accessible In Options Menu
                            81030AC2 0009
                            Note: Press Up while highlighting Difficulty.

                            Cheats Menu Accessible In Options Menu
                            81030A4E 000A
                            Note: Press Down while highlighting Done.

                            It seems attachment uploading is broken at the moment, here's a direct download link:
                            IPS patch for Bassmasters 2000 (U) [!].z64


                            • Patching N64 codes right into the game...nice!


                              • Some more N64 codes:

                                Tigger's Honey Hunt (U)
                                Infinite Health Points
                                81069696 0000
                                Download IPS Patch.

                                Rayman 2: The Great Escape (U)
                                Infinite Health
                                810C4070 0000
                                810C4072 0000
                                Download IPS Patch.

                                Resident Evil 2 (U) (V1.1)
                                Infinite Ammo (Tested Hand Gun and G. Launcher)
                                8108C39C 0000
                                8108C39E 0000
                                I was not able to patch this code into the ROM for some reason.

                                Nightmare Creatures (U)
                                Infinite Health
                                8102E6B4 0000
                                8102E6B6 0000
                                Note: Tested with both characters and on two stages (the database has a different health code for each character and stage).
                                This game does not want to boot after patching the code into the game (and fixing the checksum), at least when emulated.
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