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  • When I tried for the Game Genie code, I noticed there were two results.
    One was the actual health, and the other was the appearance of the health bar.
    Maybe your code made the health bar not decrease but the health actually did.

    Oh I kinda forgot about this.
    In VBA I've noticed on many occasions that it's cheat searcher will list the RAM address as Cxxx when actually it's Dxxx.
    If you continue to make cheats with that emulator, and the next time your code seems to not work, try changing the C to a D.
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    • Thanks I'll try that!
      I don't think that was the case, but it could have been with the code I found, because when I went back into the cheat searcher it listed a lower number. I remember for one game I tried editing the RAM address itself because the code didn't work but when I changed the address it immediately changed back to its previous value.


      • Star Wars Arcade 32x (U)

        Start with 15 shields in 32x mode, "Pilot" mode (instead of 7 shields). Shield number will look funny.

        Infinite shields (ie. infinite energy). Note that this looks like a PAR code, but because of the way the 32x works, it is actually an assembly/ROM type code. If you'd like to hack this code into your ROM, go to ROM address $085DDE and change the 91B8 to 6002.

        Kill 5 Tie Fighters for every 1 you shoot down. This allows you to finish the levels faster.

        Start each level with 300 seconds (instead of 200).


        Because of the unusual way the 32x works, one of these codes looks like a PAR/RAM type code, but it's not. This is what it looks like in an asm trace log:

        FF:2DE0 91 B8 SUB.L D0,($93D0)

        Using a code for the actual ROM address doesn't work, but hacking the ROM does work. Oddly enough, putting the FF2DE0:6002 code into Gens or Fusion works just fine.
        The Code Hut:


        • Will these codes work with the Japanese version as well?


          • Originally posted by Doommaster1994 View Post
            Will these codes work with the Japanese version as well?
            I don't know.
            The Code Hut:


            • Okay. I will give them a try with the Japanese and Europe version and let you know. I've never played this game before though.

              EDIT: I tried them with the Japanese version and they work.
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              • Back to SH2 assembly. Ugh.

                As with all 32x assembly hacks/codes, if you're using Kega Fusion ver 3.63 or newer, just enter the codes as shown and you're good to go. With most other emulators you'll need to hack the codes into the ROM.

                T-Mek 32x

                Start with 5 special weapon ammo (instead of 2). If you're using Kega Fusion, you must activate the code then reset the game.

                Infinite special weapon ammo. If you're using Kega Fusion, you must activate the code then reset the game.
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                The Code Hut:


                • T-Mek 32x

                  Infinite defense. If you're using Kega Fusion, you must activate the code then reset the game.
                  The Code Hut:


                  • T-Mek 32x

                    Defense meter refills faster. Note that you can easily adjust this code to make the defense meter refill as fast as you want. Just change the "08" at the end of the code to a higher number (use hex numbers). If you're using Kega Fusion, you must activate the code then reset the game.
                    The Code Hut:


                    • Some new passwords/names for T-Mek 32x

                      PONG = Defense is always active (Cloak, Reflector, etc), infinite special weapons, infinite shields.

                      KLUG = Opponents are faster and much harder to kill.

                      BUGLE = Infinite special weapons, infinite shields, infinite defense.
                      The Code Hut:


                      • More new passwords/names for T-Mek 32x

                        REBELRUN = Infinite shield.

                        PETEROCK = Infinite special weapons, infinite shield, infinite defense.
                        The Code Hut:


                        • Pitfall 32x

                          Press B at the title screen to play the original Atari 2600 version of Pitfall.

                          Walk thru walls (2600 version).
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                          The Code Hut:


                          • Pitfall 32x

                            Walk thru scorpions, snakes, and logs without any damage (Atari 2600 version).

                            Infinite time (Atari 2600 version).

                            Infinite lives (Atari 2600 version).
                            The Code Hut:


                            • Tony, I have a request, if you are able to. I requested this to nolberto too, but he said he couldn't find anything.

                              If for the Genesis game Warrior of Rome 2. It's a strategy game (like Fire Emblem/Advance Wars) and I was wondering if you could make a Game Genie code to automatically beat a map. It doesn't matter if it's by making the enemies have 0 energy or by some other kind of trick, but something that let's me 'beat' a map with the code on.

                              To attack an enemy, just Start the game, move the cursor/box down and left to the "command" window. Select "Advance", it will ask you to move which troop. Now put the cursor/box on top of the red flags (there should be 4) and you can now move out the troops. Just move them to the top of the map where the enemies are at. The enemies should attack you automatically.

                              You can see your troops' and the enemies energy on the bottom of the screen. Bear in mind that the energy address is probably recycled between enemies (or your own troops), so if you kill one, that address will probably be used for another enemy.


                              • ReyVGM, I'm concentrating on 32x codes right now, but when I'm done I'll take a look at it.

                                Pitfall 32x

                                Press C at the title screen for level select. After you press C, press Up or Down to select the level, then make sure the boomerang is over "Start" and press Start.
                                The Code Hut: