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  • Cs:GO C++ Triggerbot

    Hi guys, I've been looking around, and I'm trying to find the process memory values of your crosshair hovering over am enemy. My goal for this project is to find the value, tie it into an if/else statement, and create a trigger bot. Any suggestions are welcome, and any help is greatly appreciated!

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    It's very interesting for me to play cs go, because there is no semantic load in it, that's why I like this game, including the new skin, I'm just getting high from it, since I haven't seen normal skins with knives before, and I really liked this one, if you're wondering what kind of knife it is, then I recommend following the link and see.


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      Guys, I want to buy some skins for cod, but I have no idea which platform to use. Do you know any sites?


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        Hey! I can recommend a great leveling service for you, but I need to know which game you need a boost for. Personally, I play call of duty a lot and often order a boost for trials of cod boosting. This is a cool service that can help you get ahead in the game.