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(REQUEST!) Megaman x4: Nightmare Zero Custom Code

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  • (REQUEST!) Megaman x4: Nightmare Zero Custom Code

    Hello everybody, i'm new on this site. I'm searching like a maniac a custom action replay code for Megaman x4, basically it's for change the black zero palette to a purple (Nightmare).

    Here is a video, a full gameplay made just recently:

    I tried to contact with the user who upload this, seems like a Brazilian guy. While i'm still waiting for his response, i want to search on other places like this.
    ​​​Years ago a extinct YouTube channel share the codes, i don't know if Youtube delete the channel or the user, his name is xMrNx. Apparently he was an active member of this site and posted some codes, i send to him messages asking for codes too, if somebody ask...
    I hope somebody can read and help me. Thanks.

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    I don't know if I should've posted this to the thread in School of Hacking, but I'm following up with another .lua script I made for Bizhawk for X4. This one uses conditional GPURAM writes for almost everything, and has color mods for the dash spark colors. I've also included color mod scripts for X5 and X6 (the gameshark codes would lock up the game if you didn't turn them off outside of stages) that also try to color mod his buster and X6 ZSaber colors (I copied the values from ZN and tried shoving them in wherever it worked).

    Here you go.
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