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Sony opens applications for the PS5 system software beta

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  • Sony opens applications for the PS5 system software beta

    Sony has opened applications for its PlayStation 5 system software beta program. The initiative will give console owners the chance to test new PS5 features before they're officially rolled out, with Sony using feedback gathered during testing to guide development.

    Those interested in taking upcoming PS5 features for a spin can sign-up for the program - currently open to those based in the U.S., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, and Germany - on the PlayStation website. Successful applicants will then be emailed by Sony with full details on how to take part.

    Sony noted that beta system software "is a pre-release version of software that has not been thoroughly tested and may be incomplete or contain errors," which serves as a warning to those who might be expecting a silky smooth beta experience.

    You can find more information on the beta program, including additional eligibility conditions, over on the PlayStation website.

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        The PlayStation 5 system software beta is also getting a handful of other tweaks, including the inclusion of open and closed party options, Share Play updates, small changes to how players can find friends inside of menus, and more Springfield Illinois gutters