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  • Rom Hasher Editing

    i have a little problem. I have in the past at 2017 mod my roms (nes, snes, md, ms, etc.) with cheats to play games with achievements in hardcore mode. Now i will do this again but when i start a game with a RANes or other compatible Emulator for achievements, it says everytime wrong Hash and cant start the game with cheats to earn achievements.

    How can i edit to correct hash or is there anywhere a program to edit roms without changing hashes?

    I think i have do them in the past editing with GGGuy and any emulator and then have it worked with RANes but its long time ago. I have some roms with cheats which i have created in the past and its worked today with RANes Emulator but i have no idea how i do them.

    I hope anyone can help me ?!

    Sorry for my bad english.