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Valkyrie Profile (PSX) gameshark codes request

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  • Valkyrie Profile (PSX) gameshark codes request

    I've been doing trial & error gameshark codes in the game, playing it in ePSXe 2.0.8. Please help I need the gameshark codes for:

    - infinite continouos jump (in-dungeon),
    - large crystal at one shot (in-dungeon),
    - making the Throw skill to appear MORE THAN two in battle,
    - using or outputting Hrist/Dark Valkyrie's sprite/palette in battle instead of Lenneth's,
    - character's attack from a different character, like Aiming Wisp of Llewelyn will happen or be OUTPUTTED INSTEAD when Freya do her Critical Flare attack,
    - the enemys' attack (Scream/Howl, Breaths, Walter/Dallas/Gyne WISP attack, Extension Force) to be performed by your mage character (there was an "Enchanted Weapon" spell via gameshark code but ePSXe2.0.8 FREEZES upon casting it!???).

    I hope it's not that hard to filter those codes by this date & time.

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    Max Materialize Points 801f5F80e0ff
    Max Evaluation Points 801f6264270f
    Max Items 5000ff010000
    Save Anywhere! 301f62740011
    Have All Items 5000ff020001
    Stop Game Timer 801f5f840000
    Max Experience in the Exp. Orb 8004abc8ffff
    Press L2 for Max Health For All Party Members In Battle d002b6cafeff
    The Hackmaster


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      Please, I really hope that there are possible gameshark codes for (at least) this two:

      - in-dungeon double, triple, or infinite continouos jump. Or maybe long/moon jump as well,
      - making the Throw skill to appear MORE THAN two in battle. Throwing Dagger item or making the Throw skill max to 255 makes it to appear two in battle and I already tried to duplicate the item or the skill in different slots but still no changes.

      I just want to share this. Using Cheat Codes in epsxe2.0.8 menu where I can put Gameshark codes & testing the codes to some Saved States of the game, I found:

      THE FOLLOWING ARE IN-BATTLE CODES (Every #label has a number inside its "[" & "]" which means 1 for Square position, 2 for Ex, 3 for Triangle, & 4 for Circle):

      800ED804 0000

      800ED828 0000
      800EDEE4 0000
      800EE5A0 0000
      800EEC5C 0000

      800ED84B 0000

      800ED850 0001

      800ED85E 00??

      800ED86[2/3] 0000
      800EDF1[E/F] 0000
      800EE5D[A/B] 0000
      800EEC9[6/7] 0000

      800ED898 0001
      800EDF54 0001
      800EE610 0001
      800EECCC 0001

      #CopyCharacter[1-4](2 Lines per character; where [0-4] means: 0 copies at square position, 1@ex, 2@tria, 3@circ, 4@enemy!. These codes make possible for 4 Valkyries when 1-3 chars copies Valkyrie@square. THIS CODE MUST BE ENABLED ONLY WHEN VALKYRIE IS FLAPING HER WINGS AT START OF BATTLE!)
      800ED914 000[0-4]
      800ED921 000[0-4]
      800EDFD0 000[0-4]
      800EDFDD 000[0-4]
      800EE68C 000[0-4]
      800EE699 000[0-4]
      800EED48 000[0-4]
      800EED55 000[0-4]

      #MageCrackedSpell![1](OK for Lightning Bolt, Stone Torch, & Poison Blow)
      800ED916 0001

      #ChangeCharButtonPosition&YourInfTurn[1-4](Useful if we want 4 warriors to be controlled & all together attack INCLUDING AT CIRCLE POSITION by only pressing square button, where it'll be 0000, 0000, 0000, 0000)
      800ED922 000[0-3]
      800EDFDE 000[0-3]
      800EE69A 000[0-3]
      800EEC56 000[0-3]

      #Set3Attacks[1](0004 to add PWS move. Useful if we want a mage to have 3bars!)
      800ED924 0003

      800ED92C 00??
      800EDFE8 00??
      800EE6A4 00??
      800EEC60 00??

      800ED93E 0003
      800EDFFA 0003
      800EE6B6 0003
      800EED72 0003

      800EDD85 00??
      800EE441 00??
      800EEAFD 00??
      800EF1B9 00??

      800EDD9A 0000

      800EDDA0 000[0-?]

      #InstantPWS[1](Useful for mages to cast simple magic spell as Great Magic)
      800EDDB4 0003

      800EDDC4 000[0-C]

      800EDDF7 0001

      800EDDF8 0002
      800EE4B4 0002
      800EEB70 0002
      800EF22C 0002

      800EDE0[4/6] 0000

      800EDE05 000?

      800EDE07 000?
      800EE4C3 000?
      800EEB7F 000?
      800EF23B 000?

      800EDE16 0000

      800EDE28 00??
      800EE4E4 00??
      800EEBA0 00??
      800EF25C 00??

      800EDE59 000[1-5]
      800EE515 000[1-5]
      800EEBD1 000[1-5]
      800EF28D 000[1-5]

      #SpreadSpell[1](Only to spells that can target all enemies)
      800EDE9C 0001

      800EDEA4 0063
      800EE560 0063
      800EEC1C 0063

      I hope there will be additional features to follow in Android version like:

      Brahms and most of the playable characters will be cool/impressive if their battle stance can be similar or almost the same to their winning pose!

      Retain character's motion aura after performing his/her PWS.

      Valkyrie has always 2 floating shields in battle and Freya should have something like floating tiara/crown or halo.

      Freya's teleportation move/effect can be learned by other characters!

      Mystina's sprite hair color should be green & yellow for Lucian!

      After finishing with A ending (Low Seal Value), Valkyrie can be changed to Hrist or back to Lenneth!


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        I can't help you because I don't use emulators. I only hack with original console hardware and tools like Cheat Engine, GameShark, Action Replay, GSCC, etc. IMHO, emulators are too hard to get running, and I don't like wasting my time trying to figure out how to get them to run. I will search and see if I can find some of those codes, however.
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        The Hackmaster


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          Thank you very much♥

          If it's only easy, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth can really be fun to hack or crack & edit.

          Valkyrie Anatomia & Profile 2 Silmeria can be more satisfying to play but it makes me feel somewhat dizzy and playing similar to Final Fantasy IX or Chrono Cross game in HD.
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            THERE WAS A YOUTUBE VIDEO ENTITLED: "Valkyrie Final Secret" BY USER: cuongeke.


            I don't know how he hacked Dark Valkyrie, if it's really a game's secret, bug feature, or just image/photo edit.


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              Originally posted by dme3adam View Post
              Please help I need the gameshark codes for:

              - infinite continouos jump (in-dungeon),
              - large crystal at one shot (in-dungeon),
              maybe you want try this :

              Levitate ( press and hold circle )
              D002B6A0 0020
              301E77A9 00F7
              D002B6A0 0020
              801E77AA FFFF

              Large Crystal at One Shot
              D007F260 0001
              301ECA35 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ECB3D 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ECC45 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ECD4D 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ECE55 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ECF5D 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ED065 0000
              D007F260 0001
              301ED16D 0000

              Note :
              Crystal only 3 can appears. After make 3 crystal and if make next crystal, the previous crystal will shrink one.
              So wait until one previous crystal overall vanish, and make again new crystal ( if not overall vanish, the next crystal will not large )
              or if not to wait the crystal vanish, can destroy the crystal with sword


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                Wow you're awesome 12345, thank you very much♥ Now Valkyrie can be more superior in dungeons!


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                  You're welcome


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                    Oh my, the Joker Command is not working in ePSXe 2.0.8 (for Android).

                    Still I'm obsess in making the game more fun or cool to play (it again)... Of course, based from Mr.12345 Gameshark codes I found these in-dungeon (out of battle) codes:

                    301E77A8 0000
                    301E77E4 0040

                    301E77E0 0002

                    #CMYspriteColoring (00-FF)
                    301E77F5 00??
                    301E77F6 00??
                    301E77F7 00??

                    301E77F3 00FF

                    I hope I can find more cool fun codes ASAP.


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                      I lose my PC for now and have no time comparing the game's RAM values per move using pSXfin emulator in other's PC.

                      Please help, if possible, what are the in-dungeon (not in battle) Gameshark codes for:

                      - Change the running speed or speeding the travelled distance.
                      - Making Valkyrie's blue trails at high jump to be visible also when running.
                      - Making the crystal(s) not cracking and unbreakable when jumped into but can be cracked only when brandished by sword.


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                        Originally posted by dme3adam View Post
                        Making the crystal(s) not cracking and unbreakable when jumped into but can be cracked only when brandished by sword.
                        maybe this work

                        Crystal not cracking when jumped into (in dungeon)
                        D0030BEC 008B
                        80030BEC 0000
                        D0030BEC 0000
                        80030BEE 0000


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                          Wow nice great, your code is really working!
                          Thank you very much Mr.Hacker12345 ♥

                          This code seems to change the number of Valkyrie's blue trails when jumping: 8007FD40 000?... But still I hope its possible to enable the blue trails also when she's running via Gameshark codes...
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                            You're welcome


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                              It seems this code is cool:

                              Mage with Tripled Spell & Attk Bar:

                              #If at Square position:
                              800EDE9D 0001
                              800ED924 0003

                              #If at Ex position:
                              800EE559 0001
                              800EDFE0 0003

                              #If at Triangle position:
                              800EEC15 0001
                              800EE69C 0003

                              #If at Circle position:
                              800EF2D1 0001
                              800EED58 0003

                              PLEASE HELP. I hope it's possible & there's gameshark code for making Valkyrie's blue trails at high jump TO BE VISIBLE ALSO WHEN SHE'S RUNNING IN DUNGEON (NOT IN BATTLE)
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