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Recondition and/or revive a 3.6V-3600mAh LED Pandora Battery for PSP-1000 series

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  • Recondition and/or revive a 3.6V-3600mAh LED Pandora Battery for PSP-1000 series

    I own a LED Pandora Battery that I purchased for use on my PSP-1001 (PHAT). I hadn't played my PSPS for awhile, and now my LED Pandora Battery won't charge at all. That means no mobile play on PSP until I get this battery working again. I have been searching the entire internet for a solution.

    Does anyone here at know of any method to resurrect a LED Pandora Battery?

    If you come up with anything or have something to add here that may be helpful you are more than welcome to post it here or PM me. However you wanna do it.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if you know of anyone or business that still has LED Pandora Batteries please let me know. I don't even know if there is still a factory manufacturing these anymore, but someone should still have a stockpile of these leftover that didn't sell.

    Thanks in advance, guys and gals

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    The Hackmaster


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      Thanks a milli. This tutorial to revive a dead PSP battery looks very promising. I will definitely try it.


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        I hope you got it right with your battery. I downloaded this tutorial, too, though, for a different purpose. Recently, I moved to a smart house and to equip it, I bought many new things, including smart strip lights. I tried to connect myself, so I looked for information on how to do it, it turned out to be very simple, and now my smart strip lights please me every day and every night because their lighting can be adjusted with the phone. It is easy and simple. I hope my information will interest you too. I hope you have revived your battery.