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  • Grand Theft Auto V 1.27 BLUS_31156

    Here's some info I found the past couple of weeks. Been trying to hack a no Visual Collision code, but had no luck. Also found where the button cheats are enabled by searching for the BMX hash(43779c54) then using the spawn Rapid GT Button Cheat and refreshing my results to find the Rapid GT hash (8CB29A14). How the button cheats are enabled are all the cheats are off is 1 in hex when enabled they are changed to 5 in hex. the restore button cheats are different they change to 2 in hex. A lot of these offsets i found are ports from the pc version.

    Player Pointer

    +1D Invisible
    +170 Current Health
    +174 Max Health
    +E7C Armour
    +BD0 Player Info
    +BD8 Weapon Manager

    Player Info
    +118 Swim Speed
    +11C Run Speed
    +770 Stamina
    +774 Stamina Max.

    Car Pointer

    Car Health

    +28 Test and Tune(Mod Shop)
    +69C Car gravity
    +474 Vehicle Handling
    +1C Vehicle State
    +47B Tires Bullet Proof set to 0x34

    Vehicle Handling
    +8 mass
    +C mass
    +38 acceleration
    +E0 fCollisionDamageMult
    +E4 fWeaponDamageMult
    +E8 fDeformationDamageMult
    +EC fEngineDamageMult
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    You didn't have any luck finding the visual collision damage code for vehicles even though you found vehicle health???? I don't deal with it much in games, but never once have I gone from finding health and then not found invincibility with that. I would just set a break on write on vehicle health and drive as quickly as I can directly into a wall that's guaranteed to visually mess up the vehicle. I don't know if you're using ProDG or IDA Pro, I use ProDG because I'm too dumb and lazy to learn how to use IDA Pro. But in ProDG, I'd just check that callstack window and start going up function by function going to the 1st line of a function and changing the value to 4E800020 for a "blr" operation. Aside from a few annoying written games involving emulators or unreal engine, this has always led me to codes for invincibility from various types of damage in every game I've played. As long as GTA5 isn't written in a very annoying way where 1 function does all 1 billion things in a game like Batman Arkham City or Diablo 3 and others like them, it should be very reliable. I also haven't played GTA5 because I really don't care about GTA games, but I recall GTA3 having you go into a repair shop and it just magically fixes every dent in a vehicle. If GTA5 still has something similar, you could trying going in and out of a repair shop and checking for changes or something.
    July 7, 2019


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      i use prodg debuggar. i couldnt get ida pro to work. the only problem i have with the asm hack is that it could be for all vehicles, then i would have to reverse engineer, which im not good with ps3 yet. i was trying to find the memory address so i can do a pointer write. this game is the same as gta v you can repair the vehicle in the mod shop and i found the pointer for that, i will do more searching.


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        I completely forgot in the PM thing that once you find the code that prevents visual damage along with vehicle health damage, it might affect all vehicles. If you get visual damage to not happen though, that's when I check the registers for common
        addresses related to just you because then you can write a tiny subroutine to separate your vehicle from other vehicles. For that, you could do a break on read on your vehicle health, and then use a normal break on execute to see if any results seem to only read from your vehicle's health. Then from there, you could go up the function to see how it separate's your vehicle's health from other things and write the subroutine using the game's method and have a perfect working code for vehicle invincibility.
        July 7, 2019


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          also forgot to say in my PM to you. there's multiple vehicle health offsets 0x170 is the same for player hp and vehicle hp, but this could be for just show. 0x3bc and 0x3c0 is more likely the health and 0x45c if i set this to 0 the car starts to smoke, i read on other gta v forum if set to -1 it will most likely explode.