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Der Langrisser translation, finished!?

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  • Der Langrisser translation, finished!?



    Update By: Nightcrawler

    After 6 years in the making, the SNES Der Langrisser translation has been released. With 800K of script and 85K of assembly code, this project is a shining example of fan translations at their finest. It’s a showcase of talent for byuu, D, and the rest of the DLTeam.

    RHDN Der Langrisser Page (

    Relevant Link: (

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    Sweet; I'll be grabbing that. I always wanted to see what happens when you join the evil side - [evil side wasn't previously translated]
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      So far, it's a good translation, but I don't like the way they reverted the r's and l's...for example, in NoLife's translation (on which much of this translation is based), there are two characters, named Elwin and Riana (and many more characters, but that's beside the point). In this translation, they're Erwin and Liana. Those may be the intended names, but Elwin and Riana sounded a hell of a lot better.

      The jokes and conversation in general has been reverted back to more literal translation from Japanese, leaving the dialogue much more flat, and corny. NoLife's was a much more enjoyable translation, however slightly inaccurate it may have had to be for such a purpose.

      Overall, it's nice to have a full translation, but a shame they redid the work NoLife did, and threw away most of the good parts of it.
      I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...


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        I have to say this translation have nice fonts. And they're different for humans and monsters. Just play until the moment the first monster in the game says it's first phrase, and you'll see. That's great.
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