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N64 game help please I'm new here

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  • N64 game help please I'm new here

    Hello I'm new here, an my Nintendo 64 Console? An the Rare, Shooter game, Perfect Dark, game.
    anyway, you could try help me find the Correct,Zelda code, that Game shark, needs for it. To crack any cheats, on that game. I'm not finding the time: Zelda code at all. I own the 3.3 an 3.2 Game shark, . I'm very Dissatisfied for all the $ I spent on GS, an code Generator on the shark doesn't want work, I hot the Expansion pak it's fine in my Console, with the Gshark on it says on the game it's not detected, an won't load into, Jo in Solo , at missions at all.

    pita, thing 10yrs, ago people said they was able Crack this game this way open it up more. But I'm not able to.... At all. Owell. Maybe you know some cool tricks about this I hoped. If you'll reply me I seen an read all the old post about This topic before, I tried all the Zelda code keys, they won't load PD game into Jo in Solo missions at all. I just can't understand why this old game won't Crack or why I can't get any Game shark help at all...with this ( I'm trying to beat that 7:07 time map to win I'm not able do this. I'm tired... Hope to get any help at all here. Thanks for your Active site here, others are Dead like. No worry's. Ttul ok

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    Hello, again so is there anymore, N64 players left around here.
    So no one, knows much about Getting a Game shark to get any cheats to work on Perfect Dark game. I wished I get more ammo on my clip an more health, in a time limit. Mission.. but, sheeeat, how can I get past this Expansion pak,not detected,, Deboccle ( .. just wished I knew a Wizard around here. Cya


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      Let's be together !!


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        Perfect Dark (U) (V1.0)

        Infinite Ammo Player1
        E876C9F1 594F
        E87439F1 594F
        E871A9F1 594F
        E876C14D 594F
        E874314D 594F
        E871A14D 594F

        Infinite Health Player 1
        E976BAD4 90DA
        E9742AD4 90DA
        E9719AD4 90DA

        Infinite Shield Player 1
        E976BAE8 90DA
        E974A0A8 90DA
        E97210A8 90DA
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        Let's be together !!