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How to hack jade empire for fun

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  • How to hack jade empire for fun

    Jade Empire is an old game by Bioware set in a high fantasy version of China, its a RPG too.

    Hacking it, is a surprisingly easy affair, all you need is cheat engine and setting it on windowed mode (open the .ini of JE then control+f and search windowed, change the value from 0 to 1.

    Here's what you do, once you have set cheat engine to hook to JE you can do a few things, for this one, start a new game, opt to customize your character and you will be given 3 points to distribute. Type 3 click on new search, distribute 2, type 1 on the search bar, click next scan, go back to the game, remove the two assigned points, go back to cheat engine and type 3 again.

    You should slowly see the results dwindling to one or two possibilities, once you get the value that corresponds to the points, go ahead and double click on it, you can now mod your points. However the intro customization only allows up to 9 points per character to be distributed, the fun,however comes a bit later.

    You can hack gold using this same method.

    However, the real F in Fun comes when your character levels up, follow the instructions again, but mod the value of the points to be 9999999 and hit the auto distribution button, you will get absolutely insane stats. Bioware in all their wisdom never expected for someone to hack their game, so they didn't bother to put a cap to the stats.

    This is particularly useful for NG+ where the difficulty is upped a fair bit.