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Man loses $3,854 to phone scammer posing as IRS agent

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  • Man loses $3,854 to phone scammer posing as IRS agent

    Man loses $3,854 to phone scammer posing as IRS agent O_o

    By Ann Zaniewski


    Authorities are urging people to beware of a scam involving callers who pretend to be government officials and threaten to charge victims with crimes if they don't send money.

    A Farmington Hills resident recently got two calls — one from a person pretending to be from the IRS and one in which the caller claimed to be “Sheriff Bouchard,” according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

    In the first call Jan. 9, the resident was told he would be charged with crimes if he didn’t send the caller $3,854 in prepaid money cards. The resident complied with the request, authorities said.

    In the second call, the man was told he owed $4,560. The caller was able to make it look on the man’s caller ID like the call was coming from the sheriff’s office. But the victim became suspicious and contacted police.

    The crime is not uncommon and occurs most frequently during tax season, said Farmington Hills Police Sgt. G. Hughes.

    “It picks up this time of year, every year, because W-2s are coming out, and people are worried about their taxes,” he said.

    Victims in Farmington Hills have included the elderly and people who came to the U.S. from other countries, Hughes said.

    Another similar scam involves callers requesting money in exchange for releasing a victims’ loved one from jail.

    “The U.S. government, the city of Farmington Hills, or any other government agency is not going to contact you this way,” Hughes said.

    Anyone with information about the incident in Farmington Hills can call the police department there at (248) 871-2610. If you have tips about other cases in which the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office or Sheriff Michael Bouchard’s name was fraudulently used, call the office at 248-858-5000.
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