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Path Of Exile Ultimatum Bans

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  • Path Of Exile Ultimatum Bans

    A post on Reddit from Grinding Gear Games announces 20 users have been banned from Path of Exile for exploiting a bug in the new Ultimatum expansion for the free to play action/RPG.
    Earlier today, we learned of a bug in Ultimatum that allows players to generate excessive rewards. Shortly after its discovery, we deployed a hotfix that capped the amount of experience and items that Ultimatums could yield.

    We have banned 20 accounts that abused this exploit multiple times. These bans will last until Ultimatum ends in July. We will also void the characters they made in Ultimatum so that they (and their items) will not be transferred to their parent leagues.

    If you uncover an exploit in Path of Exile and abuse it for your benefit, we will ban you.

    The Hackmaster