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Water aboard most major airlines is not safe

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  • Water aboard most major airlines is not safe

    Water aboard most major airlines is not safe enough to drink or even wash your hands with, new study finds - and Spirit and JetBlue are among the worst offenders

    The shocking discovery was made by Hunter College NYC Food Policy Canter and, who investigated the water quality of 23 US airlines

    The study, which evaluated 10 major and 13 regional airlines, gave a 0-5 score, with 5 being the best, based on 10 criteria

    And their findings are hard to swallow, with most airlines found to be providing their passengers with unhealthy water

    Serving any unhealthy water violates the federal government's ADWR, which was implemented in 2011 and requires airlines to provide all on board safe water

    Alaska Airlines and Allegiant received the highest Airline Water Health Score of the major airlines, each sharing a score of 3.3 out of five

    The worst offending airlines were found to be Spirit and JetBlue, who could both only muster an alarming score of one
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    Yes. I've heard about this too, but usually this problem appears because there are very unreliable airlines and it's really hard to decide. I remember how I was looking for the best place to go and only here I was able to read reviews from real people who used the airline and left their opinions. It's so much easier to decide.