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PS5 NOW VS Google Stadia

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  • PS5 NOW VS Google Stadia

    If you thought the console wars were bad - well, welcome to the streaming wars. The streaming wars goes beyond the world of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo - because Google is now in the mix with the streaming platform known as Stadia.

    What exactly is Google Stadia and how will it compete with PlayStation Now? Well, we’ll let you in with all of the details! Learn about how the streaming platform works, what the new exclusive controller looks like, and what types of games are available with the service. Also, see the changes the PlayStation Now service plans to make in the next year as they introduce the PS5 and how the PS Now will fit into those plans. It’s also good to know there are free options for both the Sony and Google streaming platforms.

    The streaming world will change gaming forever, so let’s all get onboard and learn everything we can about the PS Now and Google Stadia!

    The Hackmaster