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Did You Know You Can Just…Buy Uranium?

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  • Did You Know You Can Just…Buy Uranium?

    We found this out when a former meth user in Pennsylvania recently ordered two grams of powdered uranium to his halfway house, prompting a friendly visit from the local hazmat team to, you know, see what his whole deal was.

    Turns out the guy bought the uranium — which came sealed inside a glass vial in a cardboard box for $12, care of a Michigan company—because he thought it would be “cool to pose with it on Facebook,” per CBS-3 in Philadelphia, via HuffPo.

    Authorities say no charges will be filed because the shipment was legal and poses no health threat.

    The halfway house screens all incoming packages and found the powder. They notified authorities, who determined the substance was Uranium 238 — a material that can be shipped through the mail.
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