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  • ASSEMbler Games forum about to close
    The Hackmaster

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    That was always an interesting place for beta/alpha/prototype/whatever special stuff and unreleased things and whatever else. That was the place you could go to for special stuff for console like debuggers and stuff being leaked. I'm kind of curious about what one user said though.

    Originally posted by ericthegreat
    AssemblerGames is olllllld, like used to be just a BBS in the 90s old. It used to be quite popular, one of the best sites to go to for info on beta games and such.

    But based on what I've seen and heard around AssemblerGames, the site is only dying because the admin is being a jackass. He's been offered plenty of ways to keep the site going, from donations to buyouts from dedicated users, but just refuses because he has an inflated ego. Pretty much everyone on the site hates him these days. It's a shame he's being an ass about it.
    July 7, 2019


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      Ego is one of the most toxic elements known to mankind. In fact, it has a similar toxicity to such other elements as arsenic, radon and plutonium.
      Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe diem.

      Time flies, therefore, seize the day.