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Early Stages of Development: Price of Persia 2

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  • Early Stages of Development: Price of Persia 2

    This is a PDF file of the earliest stages of development for Prince of Persia 2. Interesting stuff. Even has some hand drawn sketches...
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    Some good technical stuff on Prince of Persia development for the Apple II. This is from one of the developers (Jordan Mechner)...

    For those who'd like to dig into the source code itself, I've posted an explanatory technical document at which should help. This is a package I put together in October 1989 for the benefit of the teams that were undertaking the ports of POP to various platforms such as PC, Amiga, Sega, Genesis, etc.

    Beyond that, please don't ask me to explain anything about the source code, because I don't remember! I hung up my 6502 programming guns in October 1989, and after two decades working primarily as a writer, game designer, and creative director, to say my coding skills are rusty would be an understatement.
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