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10,000 CALORIES worth of McDonald's in one sitting

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  • 10,000 CALORIES worth of McDonald's in one sitting

    Yuka Kinoshita, 32, sat down with five burgers, three large fries and 23 desserts

    She got a cramp in her jaw after her fourth specialty Mac, but soldiered on to finish

    Total calorie count for her fast food feast came in at a staggering 10,643 calories
    The Hackmaster

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    There's gotta be something wrong with my sense of taste and smell. I can't even stand going near a McDonalds building or even most restaurants. Everybody is drawn to the "aroma" in the air in these places, but to me it smells almost no different than vomit. All the big names are as good as unapproachable. Sometimes I need to walk by a KFC building to get some things, and I can smell that place over a block away and it basically gags me into walking entire blocks around it. I have no idea how people shovel this much "food" down their gullets, or even why they'd consider doing it. That lady's probably going to have a heart attack within a year for this.

    After having done IT Support for McDonalds in the UK and US for a combined 2 years, I don't think I'd ever eat at a McDonalds just because of how annoyed I was at how McDonalds treats their employees mixed in with how crappy the tech support for them was.
    July 7, 2019


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      This Sunday was becoming boring, thanks for the funny shit.