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Complete Japanese PSX Collection Sells For 24,017.19 USD

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  • Complete Japanese PSX Collection Sells For 24,017.19 USD

    By Cauterize

    The urge to collect every single game ever released for a specific console is rather alluring to some retro gamers. With a limited number and target to aim for, it’s an easy task to start, but difficult one to finish. One collector who managed this feat with the Japanese PlayStation 1 library recently decided to part with his hoardings, earning him a rather attractive finishing bid.

    With over three thousand games taking up the Japanese PlayStation 1 library, hunting down each and every one of these was no easy task. The now-previous owner of this collection known by his Yahoo Auctions Japan handle of wmmft148 also managed to obtain many of the box sets and unique controller pack-ins too, all of which were proudly displayed in the auction’s description. Spread across the floor on a large blue cover, the complete collection appears to span nearly 100 different boxes packed to the brim with PlayStation classics.

    The auction which finished just a few days ago racked up a massive ending bid of ¥3,000,000 (approximately £15,400). While it’s unknown who the new owner of this software library is, it’s safe to say that there is more than enough for a museum to be showcasing here - an entire snapshot of an entire gaming era.

    Complete JPN PlayStation Collection On Yahoo Auctions

    Source: RocketNews24
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