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Ray tracing mod offers a glimpse into GTA 5 next-gen update

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  • Ray tracing mod offers a glimpse into GTA 5 next-gen update

    Modding showcase and tutorials YouTube channel Digital Dreams has given GTA fans a potential glimpse into the official next-gen upgrade that's coming out later this year with the video below.

    The video showcases GTA 5 running in 8k on an Nvidia RTX 3090. Various mods have been applied, such as QuantV, which updates the games graphics and GTA 5 Real Life Pack.

    Alongside those mods, Digital Dreams used ray tracing reshade to enhance the game's visuals with the play of light and shadow, making elements such as the clouds appear more realistic than in the original game. The end results are pretty impressive.

    The QuantV mod is available for free and can be downloaded here. As for the raytracing reshade, you can gain access by supporting Digital Dreams Patreon.

    The Hackmaster

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    Hi! I can't describe my happiness to you. I have been waiting for these changes for a long time. The new vision of the game is just unreal. Many improvements have been applied, which gives the game an even higher quality. Only about 5 years ago, I did not think that a game could reach such a quality, but with the possibility of GTA 5 download for android, I understood that a game could blend perfectly with reality. Thank you for informing me about these changes, I don't always manage to monitor all the news related to this game, but such people save me. It is very important to be up to date with the latest changes to your favorite application.
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