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Counter-Strike: GO Analytics Program

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  • Counter-Strike: GO Analytics Program

    GGPredict is a virtual coach for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, offering a touch of professional esports for amateur players who are serious about improving their game.

    This will analyze replays and offer detailed analytics such as economics management, heat maps, shooting accuracy, and weapon use.

    This is currently in beta testing, and you can participate by signing up on the GGPredict Website.

    Here's more on the program:

    GGPredict uses match records in CS:GO game format to track millions of events during each match. Then, using advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning, it extracts exactly the data that is relevant and crucial for playing matches and improving player play.

    Player performance is also compared to the world's largest database of professional matches, giving amateurs the context they need to fully understand the data.

    The Hackmaster