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Konami sends Cease and Desist to Castlevania fan project

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  • Konami sends Cease and Desist to Castlevania fan project

    Konami has sent a Cease and Desist order to the developer of Castlevania: Remade in Unreal, a fan project that seeks to remake all of NES Castlevania with the Unreal Engine.
    The Hackmaster

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    It should be an unspoken rule on the internet for people doing these types of projects: Never mention your project's existence until it is done and released, that way somebody somewhere can download and enjoy it before it is shut down and removed from existence and all of your time and work is wasted.
    July 7, 2019


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      I think AM2R somehow was open about development and still made it to 1.1 or so. I think the exposure it got when 1.0 came out that did it in tho. At least it was done tho.

      I was following the official thread for this tho. I think the guy was allowed to keep the upload, he just had to stop working on it. He's working on trying to get a liscence to finish it from Konami Europe but I dunno if they'd allow it.


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        This just keeps bugging me as I see these happen. Anybody but me ever wonder why these companies send cease and desist letters when with some of these they look like complete fools wasting talent and instead should be offering job positions to these people? The only time I can even think of that happening was that Skyrim mod guy who put an insane amount of time into his mod and Bungy or whoever made Halo offered him a position. I have seen some of these that look more amazing than the actual game and these 1 or few more people that do these projects get the criminal treatment with a cease and desist letter. Some take a lot of time and effort and do everything on their own and make it look better than the actual games, that sounds like a perfect time to offer somebody a job position to work on the *actual* thing to me instead of making all their time and effort a bullcrap crime and crushing their dreams. It's especially bad when they allow it for a time and then when the people are near done or just done making it they then make a it a crime and send the cease and desist letter. If I ask somebody for permission to make something from their game and show them the good chunk of progress I've made that mostly shows how it will look by the end and they say ok, it should be a crime to wait for me to finish it and then send me a cease and desist because you knew what I asked the entire time. That's a related breed of BS like the old days of farmers hiring illegal immigrants to work and once the immigrant finished all of the hard labor instead of their promised pay the they got a crook for a farmer who instead reports them to the authorities and off they go unpaid having done all of the work. As long as they can pull that complete BS move that should be a crime, why even follow the law that's on their side? Make your thing, don't utter a word of its existence to anybody until you're done, and then suddenly release it. By the time you have the cease and desist letter and take it down, people have likely gotten it and will post it in other places keeping it alive for you so your work isn't completely wasted. Anybody who grabs it is going to get 1 of 2 impressions from it:

        1. This sucks, glad it got a cease and desist, not playing it and glad it's not officially part of the series.
        2. This is awesome, why isn't the actual game like this and why haven't these people been hired?

        It makes me think of the endless amount of fan fiction people write for various books/manga/comics/whatever on the internet. I never really look into it, so either it never happens or people have some good hush hush damage control, but I've never once read a news article anywhere about fan fiction for books/manga/comics/whatever getting cease and desist letters or anything.

        Does this cease and desist stuff happen to a lot more things than just games? I don't even hear about bootleg movies or anything getting cease and desist letters, just game related stuff like this.
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        July 7, 2019