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What is your Resident Evil Tier List?

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  • What is your Resident Evil Tier List?

    So I finally just finished playing every main titled Resident Evil game, as well as RE: Revelations 1, Revelations 2, and Code Veronica X - but not including Resident Evil 2 (Original) as I don't own anything that would run it but I did play Resident Evil 3 (Original) when I was younger but I won't count that on this list as I have properly experienced it in any other ay except for childhood memory.

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    Hello, some of the best resident evil tier characters include Albert Wesker. This character was the overarching Big Bad in the initial part of the series, which is normally seen by pulling the strings from the shadows by getting the likes of Ada to ask for virus samples for him. Find more about other characters through this link. His weird demeanor and hallucinations of grandeur gave many classic villainous tropes to the series that still haven’t been improved. It's a bit sad for the fan because this character died in the fifth game at Chris’ hands because of the level of entertainment he gave, as he made a huge difference in the game.