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Code Submission Guidelines (Please read!)

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  • Code Submission Guidelines (Please read!)

    When submitting codes to GSHI, there are a couple of things to keep in mind (in no particular order):

    - Always give credit where it's due. If someone else hacked the joker command you used to complete a code you hacked, give credit to that hacker for the joker command. If someone helped you hack a code, at least shout a thanks out to them in your notes. It's just common courtesy.

    - In your thread subject, enter the game system, cheat system, Region (if applicable), and game you're posting codes for. If you're posting codes for multiple games, or even multiple games of multiple regions for multiple game and/or cheat systems, just use your better judgment.

    - When adding codes, staff members first enter the code description [Infinite Life], then notes [You can still die if blown up], then the code [700045 88]. Please keep this in mind when posting, and, if possible, post your codes in this format (SNES PAR code used as an example):

    Infinite Life (You can still die if blown up)
    700045 88

    ...however, if you have a large note (something that doesn't fit on one line), feel free to post it at the end of the code, and we'll work around it.

    - Please try to use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation. We do not want to spend countless hours correcting your errors, nor do we want to have a database chock full of them, because neither you, nor we were un-lazy enough to fix them. Please do your part to keep the database clean and streamlined.

    That's all I can think of for the moment. Staff members, feel free to add anything that comes to mind.
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    Also please specify if your game is an inject
    Wii [VC-N64] The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (NACE)
    Wii [VC-N64] The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Master Quest (NEEA-Inject)
    Wii [SNES] Super Mario RPG (JCBE)
    Wii [SNES] Super Mario RPG (JXZY-Inject)
    It helps prevent confusion, from some of the readers, who cannot read or follow general direction/common sense.
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