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  • PS4 Hacking?


    I've been away for a while. My wife caught me totally off guard during Christmas & bought me a Playstation 4. I resisted playing it as much as I could. I was only able to make it three days, before I decided to give in & play it. Now I've been buying games like crazy. Right now I'm at 178 PS4 games (all physical copies) & counting.

    I've included a link to my collection on VG

    Anyway, I'm guessing its too soon to be asking or talking about hacking tools for PS4 games or am I wrong about that (I hope I am)? I would especially love to hack the WWE 2K games 2K15 to 2K19 (I'm going to wait for the price on 2K20 to drop some more since it was so buggy), Wreckfest, Remastered Skyrim, & the Dead Rising games.

    If I had a way to convert my physical copies to digital format (like I can do with my PS2 games), that would be cool.

    ​​​​​​​Any ideas?
    Hacking games is always fun because you don't know what's hidden in the game.

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      Don't forget where you can use PS4 Reaper. I don't know how to mod a PS4. There's also the leaked 4.50 SDK floating around through torrents.
      July 7, 2019