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PS2 to PS4 pkgs ---> PAL games with codebreaker

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  • PS2 to PS4 pkgs ---> PAL games with codebreaker

    long story short... I'm in the process of creating PS2 to PS4 pkgs injected with Codebreaker! The one problem i'm running into is that some games, only the PAL version will work on the PS4. Now there is a PAL Xploder but it DOES NOT work the the my question is if you take pal cheat codes can you convert them to codebreaker and will the codebreaker then work with the PAL game?

    I read about the APP Mastercode Finder by pelvicthrustman?? Just wanted to know if I'm going down the right path here or not? Also I wasn't too sure where to post this as it is a hybrid all on its own lol

    Long shot but just thought I would ask...thanks for your time