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Final Fantasy X-2 [PCSE00283] (Nonpdrm)

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  • Final Fantasy X-2 [PCSE00283] (Nonpdrm)

    I recently learned how to make codes using Vitacheat,but i am having trouble making an infinite item usage code for this game...
    so far i have made current HP/MP modifiers for Yuna,Rikku, And Paine
    so if someone would give me a hand with the infinite item usage code,that would be grand.thanks in advance
    oh my game is in Nonpdrm format
    i have found the first item address,it is : 8258D490
    The code: $0070 8258D490 00000063
    maxes slot 1,but i need a code that maxes all consumable slots;either automatically or upon using an item...
    also for the address above,just add 1 to it to get the next item slot...
    i would go through and add all item addresses to my psv file but vitacheat has a limit of 50 codes...please help...
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