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PS Vita - VitaCheat Database so far (VPK, Mai, DRM)

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  • PS Vita - VitaCheat Database so far (VPK, Mai, DRM)

    Need help expanding this Database. Need Tools to find Pointers.
    There are 2 different Sites where Vita Cheat Codes are that I know. This GitHub Page, which I helped out Posting all the Codes I could find, is a Compilation of the 2 Sites.
    If there are any Codes to Add, please Submit them in the Issues Section.

    Now, it is my understanding, that the Dev or Devs who made VitaCheat apparently stole some Coding from other Vita Cheating Projects like perhaps RinCheat or RinCheatSE and any other Engines out there. No offense at all intended, but it seems like VitaCheat works better than the tries I had with RinCheat Engines.

    There are a few Issues with this Cheat Engine. There are a few Games, where when you Trigger the Cheat Menu, it will be Zoomed-In on. Other Games, it will Display correctly. But due to this Issue, it could make finding Codes a little tricky. Mortal Kombat is one of those Games. 2nd Issue, is if you try doing a Cheat Search, and the Range is too large, it will Crash the Game, and you have to try all over again.

    Here is where there is help needed. Quite a few Games use Dynamic Addresses from what I have been told. The LEGO Games use this. Yet there are Codes for 3 of them, which means there must be Tools out there that can help finding these Codes. Without them, we are stuck finding the simple Codes. I was lucky and found a few Codes that I shared. I tried finding Codes for a few LEGO Games, and ran into problems. Hence the Dynamic Codes I was informed about.

    Setting up and getting VitaCheat running (Based off of my Setup) :
    Place vitacheat.skprx in...
    Place vitacheat.suprx in...

    add this into the config.txt in ur0:tai/config.txt

    While In-Game, Press L+ DPad Right to Trigger the Cheat Menu.
    Enter is O, Go Back is X . Enable or Disable a Cheat is Square
    To Exit the Engine, either go all the way back out with X, or you can press R + DPad Right

    Cheats will be created in
    Files will be in .psv as PCSE00007.psv ( Asphalt: Injection (US) )
    Files must be typed as

    # PCSE00007
    _V0 Money 999,999,999
    $0200 81C0A124 3B9AC9FF

    _V0 Inf Adrenaline
    $A200 810DC0F8 1A00ED80
    $A200 810DC368 BF00BF00

    Note: This Cheat works with the NoNpDRM Version. The Vitamin Dumped Version I only found the Money Code for.

    _V1 Money Cheat
    $0200 81C0A254 05F5E0FF

    For some reason, the Codes are different for each Dumped Version.

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    OK, someone really needs to Explain how to find Pointer Codes. There has to be Tools or a way to find them, because there are Cheats out there which are Pointers. Mortal Kombat, 2 LEGO Games, God of War......... . Oh, and now Speedfly has a VIP Feature where if you Pay the Site, you can get the really good Codes when they are Released


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      OK, no sure how, but I was able to find Codes for Pinball Arcade (US) PCSE00065 (PSN). Going to take a while before I can find the No Tilt Code if possible, but so far, found a few Always Ball 1 Codes which work great. Seems a few Tables share the same Address for other Tables for this, so I had to shorten the Names.

      # PCSE00065 Pinball Arcade Ver1.25
      _V0 999,999 Points-SomeNotShow
      $0200 82A66C40 000F423F
      _V0 Always Ball 1-Creat-T2
      $0000 8289D7E0 00000001
      _V0 Always Ball 1-MM-TAN
      $0000 8289D783 00000001
      _V0 Always Ball 1-ScaredS
      $0000 8289D780 00000001
      _V0 Always Ball 1-AttackMars
      $0000 8289D786 00000001
      _V0 Always Ball 1-Teed
      $0000 8291D754 00000001
      _V0 Always Ball 1-STTNG
      $0000 8289D7E3 00000001
      _V0 Always Ball 1-FunHouse
      $0000 8289D7DF 00000001
      Also, not sure why, but it seems like when I am Searching, I will always find a false remaining Code. It will always have the Values I am looking for like it is some Secure Address being pointed to. does not do anything, but....
      Address to avoid
      $#### ###69530

      Pinball Heroes (US) seems to use Dynamic Addresses so Pointer Codes are needed. But I was able to find Always Ball 3 Codes for that one.

      Urban Trial Freestyle (US and EU) NoNpDRM
      # PCSE00051
      _V0 $999,999
      $0200 813B4DD4 497423F0
      _V0 99,999 Points
      $0200 89B36AD4 47C34F80
      _V0 0 Crashes
      $0200 89B36AC0 00000000
      _V0 Inf Time-20Sec Passed
      $0200 89B36ABC 41A6424D
      # PCSB00038
      _V0 $999,999
      $0200 813B4DD4 497423F0
      _V0 0 Crashes
      $0200 89B36860 00000000
      _V0 Inf Time 20Sec Passed
      $0200 89B3685C 41A6424D
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        Some Info I was told about finding Pointers or Dynamic Codes on the Vita. Kind of beyond me, so if anyone else is goo at this, have at it.

        psv pointer can use TempAR to find last level pointer,but not sure is real point
        use decrypter eboot file and ida to guess breakpoint,then throw eboot to find is real point,but it's difficult
        eboot need delete head 0x1000 data then use ida to analyzing

        tempar only use find last pointer,need set mode to other then base address is 0x81000000,you need dump ram file from 0x81000000 to find
        &A200 &A100 is assembly code,it's use eboot to find,eboot address is static address
        for example
        if game money max value is 0x98967f
        use ida open edited eboot file then find 0x98967f or 0x967f and near have movt.w 0x98 use same register,you will find money write assembly code,change that code will effect in game,but you need know arm assembly code and know how find assembly,that's difficult and need long time to find