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SmashgPSP Codes (Re)discovered!

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  • SmashgPSP Codes (Re)discovered!

    I just happened across the full collection of SmashgPSP characters and levels, so I built the rough equivalent of Super Smash Bros. on my PSP.

    I then proceeded to hack three basic codes that make the game a breeze, even on the hardest difficulty.

    1. P1 Infinite Jumps: 0x0034DC70 0x00000002

    2. P1 Invincible: 0x0034DC60 0x00000002

    3. P1 Infinite Lives: 0x002B84AC 0x00000006

    I could probably find ways to hack infinite Super Scope, Star Rod and Ray Gun shots, too.

    EDIT: Oops, seems I forgot to post the actual value needed for the infinite-lives code. Code has been fixed.

    I understand why no one is replying to this post; both support and demand for SmashgPSP ended years ago. Kind of wished this game would've been "bigger" (as in, been more popular).

    I seem to be REALLY good at both finding games hardly anyone plays, and finding games which have no codes. At least I'm sometimes capable of eliminating a few games off that latter list.
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    Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe diem.

    Time flies, therefore, seize the day.

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    This is interesting. These codes are for the old homebrew smashgp / smashgpsp right? How do you use these codes? Would these work on an emulator like ppsspp ?

    the survival mode is quite broken, but with these codes it may make playing survival mode very much enjoyable now.

    Back in 2016 i made some stuff for the game, like new stages and adding sounds to existing characters people made then and such.

    the last stuff i did uploaded in 2018 is found here
    incomplete but it has some cool stuff not really found online anymore for this game. Also tryed to make my first character, i did rizer from FFBE, but eh lol its funny watching it glitch in game sometimes

    but anyway, the full complete pack im proud of making from 2016 is found here
    a much more polished version of smashgpsp i recommend, especially with the few actual smash inspired stages, which strangely wasn't a thing when this game was first around the few years it was active.

    This homebrew has quite passed its time, but it was awesome to play back in 2005 when I first played it on my 1.50 psp when I was younger.

    Im surpised to even have found these codes online. Your discovery in 2015 i believe is 10 years after the year smashgp first was made in 2005, quite the anniversary surprise there indeed.

    This is quite impressive support done for smashgpsp, an awesome homebrew game from all these years ago. Thanks for these!
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      First off, you should be able to find these codes in my hacker thread. Secondly, I highly doubt I'd be able to make them again (unless I find another PSP--mine has dead face buttons, so isn't even worth trying to fix or use), and thirdly...this is quite the surprise, discussing a post I made over three years ago, which came and went with little discussion. Surprising how the world works sometimes.
      Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe diem.

      Time flies, therefore, seize the day.