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  • PC Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

    I hope this is the right place to put this type of talk and questions, if not I apologise.

    Is anyone working on any cheat tables for this game for Cheat Engine? I've seen a couple about for but not really what I am looking for.
    I'm looking for (or rather hoping) that someone will eventually do these codes for it..

    -All items (including Key Items, Relics, Armors, Weapons)
    -All Espers learned.
    -All Gau Rages.
    -All Magics Learned.

    Most importantly..
    -Make next battle a specific monster. (I missed Fidor and really don't want to start the entire game again)

    If anyone comes across these cheat codes for Cheat Engien or has them and would liek to share.. please let me know

    Thanks !!