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[PC] Metal Gear Solid [GOG] Cheat request

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  • [PC] Metal Gear Solid [GOG] Cheat request

    there are gameshark codes for these for ps1, how would i go about making cheatengine codes for them? i don't know what to look for. i was able to do the main stuff like items from easy searches

    or could someone make those?

    Radar Access In Hard/Extreme Mode (#1 priority for me)
    Time less than 3hours (#2 priority for me)

    not a big deal if these are too much trouble, just others gameshark codes i found
    Radar Not Jammed When Spotted
    Never Get A Cold
    Never Need Diazepam
    Liquid: No Health In Final Fight
    Crawl, Foot & Snow Steps Are Silent
    walk through walls (not sure if this ones useful, guess to get items/weapons before you get id card)

    Quick VR-Training (This code gives you the end triangular thing that you need to touch to pass the level, straight away.)
    Unlimited time
    Always Have: RADAR
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    I'm going to try, it may take about a week because I haven't bought the games yet.
    The Hackmaster


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      Thank you!

      will you reply when you've got a chance to look?

      i have a bunch of saves near bosses etc if it would help
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        Finding Health

        Welcome to the first in a series of guides to teach you everything Postposterous knows about making cheats in emulators using Cheat Engine.

        Today we'll be learning how to find your health address and script a cheat for it.

        LET'S GO!

        The Hackmaster