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    We finally got the bot back, thanx to my staying on top of things. In other news, Lazy might be the new NetAdmin, assuming he's willing to learn just a little bit. Also, I was asked yesterday if anyone needed a email address. See, what you might not realize is that the entire site is actually hosted by the owner of the WatNet IRC server, who was nice enough to register the new domain and give us all the space for everything, including our own ftp, when it expired the first time. Having said this, I don't think it's too much to ask to show a little support by showing up in the channel. Myself, KingEdgar and DarkSerge are almost always there, plus I'm hoping Miss Templin will make it too, so I can have a chat with her about the merchandise I sent .

    Anyway, the short of it is if anyone would like a email, please come online and tell me. It will be a requisite that you should up once in a while to chat. By the way, the mail storage is pretty much unlimited (just don't go crazy with it, and you didn't hear it from me )and is accessible both via pop3 (ie. outlook express and other email clients) as well as a webmail page. For more details, come online and lets have a chat about it, or I guess if you must, you can post here. I'm starting to feel like Amy...typing so damn much all the time...eheh.

    Catch y'all later!

    GSHI & WatNet Admin
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