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Re: I fell off the face of the planet...well sorta, but wher

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  • Re: I fell off the face of the planet...well sorta, but wher

    errr...anyone??? hey Ron, what ever happened to that message board? It no longer comes up, it seems like it is a dead link now, what went with my domain and all at watnet? Please get on that and break asses or whatever to get it back---I so get pissed when people go all out to run over someone!!!

    Anyway, I have abit fell off the planet a small bit...well, my PC blew up, so I am having alot of trouble fixxing that right now, well trying to fixx it...thus cannot be online as much as I wish now. Anyway, I am around...well sorta, I can and will check e-mail, my Yahoo one if anything has anything to say. That is pretty much all I am doing right now as far as the net goes cause cannot really do anything else with a PC (at the libary) other then check e-mail.

    Anyway... I am here...well sorta, I am at my e-mail when I can be anyway. I am I must say bothered ALOT by a certain 'space' now seemingly not being there, and other issues, but well anyway... heck I am even abit bothered by the time it took to find this place again. (Without my favorites and going just on search, the site's name seemingly has ALOT of hits that strangely do not even have to do with GameShark nor codes nor anything else really...)

    Anyway...e-mail is better, I guess, sense it took 'awhile' to find the place and cannot mark it on a public PC anyway ...ehh well so anyway, I am alive, not that it matters much really, not with 'space' being not there anymore, and blehhh mess like that just makes me think, maybe it is time to throw the whole net mess away anyway.... life is pretty good away from the net but ehh well, it just pisses me off to be ran over in ways, and blamed and hated and all else for stuff I cannot much control right now. Well anyway, whatever, I guess I will watch e-mail abit longer anyway.... and hope to maybe get my PC fixxed again sometime soon.


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    Re: I fell off the face of the planet...well sorta, but wher

    Ahh. Good to see you're still around, in some fashion. Check your e-mail, and throw me a reply for that old message I sent a million years ago, heh.
    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...