Create your own online course. How to do it?
Everyone is talking about online learning. Does anyone really learn that way?
Yes, both academic and corporate training are moving from the classroom to the internet. But while universities are saving themselves with online programs to cope with the growing demand for higher education, companies are using online education to grow their business and train their employees. The education technology (EdTech) market is growing fast: according to research, its segment will grow at least 20% a year over the next five years.
So how does it work? Give an example.
Imagine a company that needs to train 6,000 employees in 86 branches across the country on a new product range. This could be candy, shoes, furniture - anything. Or new employees come in and need to be adapted and trained in the company's working standards. And the sooner the better, so they can start performing at the right level. How do you deliver knowledge to all employees at the same time? How do you check how well they remember everything? Of course, you can go on a long tour of the branches, arrange a lot of meetings to train and test everyone personally. But it's easier and cheaper to use online courses. With them, employees can be trained at their convenience and from any device.
So, I want my own online course. What are the options?
There are two. Firstly, you can contact an agency who will design the necessary course from scratch. Secondly, you can make the course yourself. To do this, you will need special tools for example from My Learning Hub , with whom we have made courses for staff development.