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RetroArch - Savegame hu?!

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  • Victorious
    And then this thing is Here:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	wtf1.png
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ID:	218227

    Can someone explain this menu to me??

    It finds over half a million cheats.... but it is limited to 100.
    what is this?

    Not one of these cheats have I ever found anywhere in the RetroArch menu or folders.

    Can't download anything.

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  • Victorious
    started a topic RetroArch - Savegame hu?!

    RetroArch - Savegame hu?!

    Hello Hackers,

    I know that my problem is a trifle for you "hopefully".
    I have installed RetroArch on Steam and loaded some games like Soul Blade and Cardinal Syn on the PS1 version.
    Now I want to register, load, import or whatever it's called a savegame.
    I tried the thing with the codes on your site which you can also enter in RetroArch which is for nothing.
    No idea what these codes are for or how they work. ... never mind, don't want to know.

    Loading savegames is more interesting for me.

    How does it work exactly?
    I have savegames from Soul Blade but they are .psx or .gme files which RetroArch hardly recognizes.

    In the directory: C:\STEAM\steamapps\common\RetroArch\saves
    I can put data without end... nothing happens.

    There are the memory cards. do not know what data they require.
    On Github, a site I have never understood exactly, have downloaded there,
    but do not know what to do with it.

    can be loaded but no plan for what these slots are...
    I do not understand. What do I need now ?
    Savegames or states?

    At YT I have also seen videos... none of them works.
    No code, no savegame, no slot that would work.

    Would like to play only the Retros without that I must unlock everything... my god !!

    Download file, kick in the folder, select file in the game and Voil?.

    but no... everything must be so complicated.

    what am i doing fucking wrong?