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How Often Do Students Raise An Issue Of Abortion?

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  • How Often Do Students Raise An Issue Of Abortion?

    I am one of those students who frequently raise moral-ethical topics about issues that both concern me personally and affect many others. A recent concern of mine was how to discuss the topic of unplanned pregnancy and its possible consequences. I chose to write an article on the abortion topic. But, I wish that more students would be involved in discussing it at schools and colleges. How often do students ever raise the question of abortion? This article is a great example of how educational institutions can help students understand the importance and responsibility of making the right choices. Visiting provided me with a clear image of how young people get involved in solving issues related to abortion. This is significant for women who want both health and the possibility of having a child. With an awareness of the dangers that such operations can pose, many young women will be more open to considering alternatives to abortion. It can be said that high school courses on abortion provide relevant information to young people that can potentially make a difference in their lives.