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    What is Wireframe for in software development?

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    First of all, this is a kind of hierarchy that allows you to establish some consistency in such a matter. You see different features and understand that such systematization really helps to perceive information better. It is also an opportunity to maintain constant communication in the team in the early stages, and this, in turn, helps to identify any pain points of the project in the early stages, with the ability to easily fix them.


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      Hi. I'm also looking for a company that could develop software for my business. A colleague of mine recommended me to use an it outsourcing service. Do you think this is a good idea?


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        It seems to me that when you outsource a project, the first thing you get is a high level of technical competence of the executors. I say this because I also had the experience to work with an outsourcing company on the issue of software development. A lot of outsourcing companies are able to help you with the development or optimization of your software, which will allow you to concentrate fully on your own business activities. So it's a good idea.