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Cyber-criminals go after Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

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  • Cyber-criminals go after Amazon Prime Day Shoppers


    In the last 30 days, over 2,300 new domains were registered about Amazon, a 10% increase from the previous Amazon Prime Day, where the majority now are either malicious or suspicious"
    Almost 1 out of 2 (46%) of new domains registered containing the word "Amazon” are malicious
    Almost 1 out of 3 (32%) of new domains registered with the word "Amazon" are deemed suspicious
    CPR provides examples of malicious impersonations of Amazon Customer Service, as well as the log-in page for Amazon Japan

    Amazon Prime Day, the e-retail giant's two day festival of promotions, special deals and discounts, launched on June 21st. Shoppers are eager and already seeking the web for the one time offers and deals that are traditionally breaking grounds and records in online shopping.

    But shoppers aren’t the only one warming up in the sidelines, it seems that threat actors and hackers are already on the field, spreading malicious content and gearing up to leverage their own “special deals” on these online days.

    Check Point Research has conducted an analysis of cyber threats related to Amazon's Prime Day in the weeks leading up to the event. They have found alarming signs of malicious and suspected domains being erected, which are expected to lure eager online shoppers in various phishing campaigns to steal credentials, and gain unauthorized access to funds and financial transactions.

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    The Hackmaster

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    Scammers gonna scam.
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      It's relevant for any huge online sale. But I wouldn't treat it as a threat. A person should be a really lame user to buy stuff from Amazon copy. Simple bookmarking leaves no chance for scammers. Also, just check this simple light bulb - It already contains so much info. How long should bots copy all the stuff from the original Amazon to make a malicious website look like the original one? So much time and effort to fxck over a few hicks... I'm not even sure who I pity more - hardtrying scammers or fools.
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