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How to beat Minecraft without picking up a single item

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  • How to beat Minecraft without picking up a single item

    In this video, an astoundingly dedicated player demonstrates how to complete Minecraft without ever picking up an item. It requires an example of unbelievable luck -- an End Portal which already has 12 eyes in it -- and some save scumming to beat the Ender Dragon with one's fists.

    Here's the embed, via Reddit:

    Beating Minecraft with no items from r/nextfuckinglevel

    The Hackmaster

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    I think I will try this “tactic” soon. Moreover, I hope I can do everything the same as you. It’s always been difficult for me to implement extensions.


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      I have a negative attitude to this kind of luck. In my opinion, such things completely spoil all the game's mechanics. I can more or less understand its use in a single-player game. However, these cheats in multiplayer do not cause me anything but contempt for the loser who uses them. Therefore I mostly play on Btw, I also do not mind playing as a single player. You can improve the game with hundreds of different mods in an awesome sandbox. Everyone will find something in it that he will like.