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  • Watch This Before You See The Witcher On Netflix

    First we had the Witcher book series, and then we had the games. Now we have a promising Netflix series with a Game of Thrones feel. You don't have to be a super-fan to get on the Witcher hype train, because this is the best time to climb aboard.

    The Witcher is, of course, the story of a witcher, Geralt of Rivia, but the story is also about Yennefer and Ciri. Destiny has bound Geralt to these two women, and it seems the series is going to explore these ties just as the video games - and, of course, the books - do. Henry Cavill, DC's very own Superman, has taken on the role of Geralt and brought along his most smoldering, soul-piercing looks and his stubbly square jaw.

    Our two leading ladies, stepping into the roles of the sorceress Yennefer and the so-called "witcher girl" Ciri, are both relatively new to the acting business. Yennefer is played by Anya Chalotra, whose eyes are the precise shade of violet as described in the books. We don't have smell-o-vision, but we imagine that she does indeed smell of lilac and gooseberries, her signature scent.

    The first glimpse of Geralt's daughter Ciri, played by Freya Allan, has her looking appropriately elfish in a green cloak that serves to bring out her verdant eyes. These first brief glimpses have reassured fans of the show's attention to detail in recreating the books.

    Netflix isn't always forthcoming with release dates. They have the benefit of a guaranteed delivery system: one day the whole series pops up on one's feed to enjoy. When do we get to enjoy The Witcher? Definitely sooner rather than later.

    We don't have an exact date, but more and more teasers and information have been paving the way for the show's eventual release later in 2019. Stranger Things was the hit of summer, so perhaps the streaming giant is positioning The Witcher to be the hit of the fall. The show is expected to be appropriately spooky for Halloween viewing pleasure. After all, Geralt's main duty is battling the ghastly monsters that go bump in the night. You thought the spider in the swamp at the end of the trailer was scary? Just wait until he encounters a Striga or a Wraith later this year. Make sure you continue to watch this before you see The Witcher on Netflix!

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    The family that slays together | 0:14
    The hunt begins soon | 1:30
    Monster budget | 2:16
    Which Witcher? | 3:17
    Author approved | 4:21

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    Netflix’s The Witcher will be coming out next month and fans are curious about its lifespan. These days, your show is only considered a success if it lasts multiple seasons, otherwise it becomes one of those underrated programs that will get an epilogue movie to wrap up a couple of plotlines. While it’s too early to assume that The Witcher will be lasting a long time, show runner Lauren S. Hissrich teased that she might have a 20 year plan for the show.

    Could Netflix’s The Witcher last as long as Supernatural? Smallville? Or even, God forbid, E.R.?

    Hissrich revealed these details when a fan questioned why a specific story line wasn’t going to be adapted for the first season. This seems to be Hissrich telling fans not to worry about some stories not getting adapted right away since there could be more seasons with more arcs to tell. Most of us know that the series is going to veer away from the books and video games so this should be something.
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      The Witcher TV show has already been renewed for a season 2
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