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Video games you should never play around your partner

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  • Bewerlys
    It was very interesting to watch my sister when the portal link was thrown to her and she followed it. There was no limit to indignation - she was offered sex for the night. But as it turned out later, she still agreed while no one was around and now periodically meet different guys there for the night, sometimes for a couple of nights, but then they no longer intersect in any way.

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  • dlevere
    started a topic Video games you should never play around your partner

    Video games you should never play around your partner

    The couple that games together, stays together. That's what relationship counselors and other experts say, at least.

    Whether you're using your shared love of gaming to break the ice on a first date, meeting up online to make weathering a long-term relationship easier, transforming an innocent video game into something a little more risque, or simply cuddling on the couch with your controllers in-hand, playing games together can be a great way for you and your beau to bond.

    Not these games, though. You'll want to play these games while you're alone, preferably with the blinds drawn and the doors locked.

    They might be fun, but many of them send the wrong message: a few concerns that you're better off not discussing, or a hint at preferences that might be hard to explain.

    A couple are just, well, gross, so make sure that your partner doesn't catch you with these titles. Otherwise, as far as your relationship is concerned, it's Game Over.