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Man takes his wife's surname when they get married

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  • Man takes his wife's surname when they get married

    The man who received death threats for taking his wife's surname
    The Hackmaster

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    I thought he was going to take an unintentionally and unknowingly offensive name out of nowhere. Instead it's just a bunch of selfish turds taking offense to another person's choice of choosing their wife's surname because she's the last in her family with the name and he didn't want that to die out. I guess it's that effortless to bait thousands of insecure guys to just randomly attack somebody over something they perceive as insulting to the entire gender when it doesn't matter. The guy is in Australia and outraged manchildren from all kinds of countries gave him the assault with text through facebook. Just another eye-roll directed at them. I'd be curious just to get a count of how many remarks he totaled with and which countries had the most of them. We need a pie chart to see this.
    July 7, 2019


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      This is idiotic. Sure, it's unconventional for the husband to take the wife's surname, but those reactions are just crazy.