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We may be creating a 'digital dark age'

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  • We may be creating a 'digital dark age'

    “We may [one day] know less about the early 21st century than we do about the early 20th century,” says Rick West, who manages data at Google. “The early 20th century is still largely based on things like paper and film formats that are still accessible to a large extent; whereas, much of what we're doing now — the things we're putting into the cloud, our digital content — is born digital.

    It's not something that we translated from an analog container into a digital container, but, in fact, it is born, and now increasingly dies, as digital content, without any kind of analog counterpart.”
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    Just imagine the impact an EMP would have on all that data...
    Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe diem.

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      DVD or Blu-ray. EMP can't destroy that.