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7 Year Old Stole 4 Cars In A Week

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  • 7 Year Old Stole 4 Cars In A Week
    The Hackmaster

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    where's bungholio?

    well i will say this.. it seems he has a mental problem. he should stay at home and play his TOY cars, not real cars like those that he stole. i feel sorry for his parents. at least i never do anything wrong like stole cars and wrecked them or set a fire on whatever. when i was his age, i was a quiet and shy kid

    he need to play video games as well. come one gaming is fun right? glad i play games for my life since the day i get the old Nintendo NES for my 6th birthday. best gift ever. actually 3 was my b-day gifts- NES (1988), PS1 (1996) and PS3 (2012) while Sega Genesis (1993) and PS2 (2002) was my Christmas gifts. as for Super NES.. i get it from my local video game store in 1994 i think

    anyways, he also should watch cartoons and anime. they are great, too but they should add warning-

    do not try this at home go same for live action shows and movies

    if i was his father then i will bring him to a foster home
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