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How crappy is your job? 200 jobs, ranked

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  • Bewerlys
    Of course, for some, work can be shitty, but who, as they say, what he studied for, he came in handy. By the way, many people do not work for money, but provide assistance in various remote volunteering projects. This is their civil position and someone really needs disinterested help. I recommend paying attention to the provided link and, perhaps, some of you will want to take part in volunteer projects around.

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  • dlevere
    started a topic How crappy is your job? 200 jobs, ranked

    How crappy is your job? 200 jobs, ranked

    Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey indicates the majority of adults in the United States spend 8.8 hours a day on their careers, or on activities directly related. Over a 5 day week, that translates to 44 hours, and that totals more than one-quarter of our lives.’s Jobs Rated report aims to provide a general snapshot of 200 careers every year, using key criteria: Income, Growth Outlook, Work Environment and Stress. The results offer a glimpse into this fundamental aspect of day to day life.