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Comprehensive collection of Cheat Cartridge ROM BIOS upgrades

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  • Comprehensive collection of Cheat Cartridge ROM BIOS upgrades

    Xianaix's site has been updated.

    Action Replay 2.8 (decrypted version)

    Action Replay 2.81 (decrypted version) The latest PAL (U.K.) BIOS in decrypted form. Courtesy of Redbox/Dextrose and Naitachal.

    GameShark 2.4 - 256k

    Includes CDR-Win image file. You will need to burn a copy of the utility disc in order to backup the ROM from your cart.
    Courtesy of The Technical Revolutionary

    GameShark 2.41 (decrypted version)

    GameShark 2.42 (decrypted version) The latest from Interact, in decrypted form.

    WARNING: You won't be able to re-flash once you've installed this BIOS, unless you use the EZ-Flash Recovery CD. You have been warned.
    Courtesy of Redbox/Dextrose and Naitachal.
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    We need to archive these bad boys before they're history.

    Edit: I already backed them up some time ago and forgot
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

    THE BAD GUY!!!!!!


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      Source link has been updated.
      The Hackmaster


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